Job Title: Nursery Practitioner

Address: Kid Ease Nursery
Swingfield House
Hoad Road
CT15 7SH

Job Description (and a brief statement about why your setting is such a great place to work): Our outstanding countryside setting is seeking a practitioner to join our friendly team in January 2019. If you want to join our exceptional, supportive team, we would love to hear from you.
 JOB TITLE Nursery Nurse Practitioner
Nursery Supervisor
 JOB PURPOSE Responsible for all aspects of the day to day care of children, to sustain a warm, safe and caring environment.
• Works in partnership with external contacts, e.g. nursery organisations, Children’s Centres, Work Place Committees etc.
• Liaises with parents to ensure they are kept informed and are satisfied with the service, i.e. newsletters, meetings, etc.
• Works as a team player within the structure of the nursery team.
• Responsible for the day to day security of the children in their care.
• Able to set appropriate boundaries for children and has an understanding of how to create an environment of mutual respect.
• Responsible for routine cleanliness of designated area.
• Acts as a Key Person to ensure children flourish.
• Actively contributes to plans for the environment and experiences to ensure they are responsive to children’s needs and interests.
• Keeps effective records of Key Children in partnership with parents.
• Adheres to nursery policies and procedures and ensures that the nursery standards are maintained.
• Responsible for maintaining Health & Safety requirements.
• Reflects on practice to contribute to the development a thorough SEF for the setting.
• Contributes to the implementation of systems for monitoring all aspects of the environment.
• Ensures Equality of opportunity
ACHIEVEMENT • Ensures that high standards are maintained.
• Responsible for understanding budgetary constraints and justifying expenditure.
• Responds to designated actions as outlined in company audit and visit reports.
• Contributes to own development plan.
• Attends courses and training to develop skills.
• Shares own skills within the team through staff meetings and training opportunities.
 RESOURCES • Deploys self effectively.
• Understands the importance of their individual contribution to building company brand and reputation.
• Ensures the effective use of resources.
• Enhances the reputation of the setting through contribution to planned initiatives.
• Maintains company confidentiality standards.

Hours: Full Time

Hours Details: 40 hours per week, Term time position

Desired Qualifications: At least Level 2

Salary: Hourly

Amount £: from £7.38 L3

Contact Details: Stephanie Willson
01303 8444748

Closing Date: 24/12/18