Guidance for Employer

The aim of recruitment is to get the best person for the job – and consistently fill vacancies that way. The importance of effective and fair recruitment should not be under-estimated.

Who do you need and why?

Are you recruiting to replace or do you need to analyse the skills and talents within your current workforce?

Securing the best and most suitable recruit should bring benefits to the individual, their team, managers and the business as a whole.

For tailored support and advice relating to recruitment and retention in the Early Years and Childcare sector, please book a Threads of Success Strategic Improvement Visit.

The visit can be designed to meet your own specific needs and the outcomes will be agreed prior to the visit, but could include elements of the following:

  • Develop a robust and sustainable recruitment procedure that supports the recruitment and retention of a strong workforce

  • Review your workforce structure to ensure you are maximising staff’s skills and abilities and that recruitment is undertaken as a necessity rather than just recruiting to replace.

  • Having robust recruitment procedures will save your business time and money in the longer term

  • Support and grow your current workforce to minimise staff turnover and raise the quality and commitment of your workforce

  • Ensuring safer recruitment procedures are embedded at all stages to safeguard children and develop a safe culture from the outset.

These are just some of the options; please contact the Threads of Success ( team to discuss your individual needs.

Other useful links to support your recruitment needs and legal obligations are as follows:

Safer Recruitment - follow this link to safeguarding policies and scroll to the bottom of the page for information on safe recruitment

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